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Joint Declaration on Hydrogen Valleys - March 1, 2023

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Joint Declaration on Hydrogen Valleys - March 1, 2023
02 · 03 · 23

On March 1, 2023 Commissioner Mariya Gabriel (on behalf of the European Commission), Hydrogen Europe Research President Luigi Crema, Hydrogen Europe CEO Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, and S3 European Hydrogen Valleys Partnership Co-leader Tjisse Stelpstra, signed a joint declaration on Hydrogen Valleys during the event “Repowering the EU with Hydrogen Valleys” in Brussels.

With this declaration, the European hydrogen industry, the scientific community, and European regions, together with the European Commission, committed to joining efforts to support and accelerate the research, development, demonstration and deployment of Hydrogen Valleys and the related infrastructure to achieve the targets set in the European Hydrogen Strategy and REPowerEU, and pave the way towards a climate-neutral, circular, competitive, and energy-secure economy in Europe.

On Hydrogen Valleys, our President, Luigi Crema, said: “The European research community directly supports Hydrogen Valleys by helping their replication and their technological improvement (notably through digitalisation and hybridisation with energy communities). We also ensure that lessons learned are transferred, we support the training of the future hydrogen workforce and we engage with European citizens”.