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Hydrogen Europe Research Contest "Hydrogen Frontiers: The Future EU Landscape"

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Hydrogen Europe Research Contest "Hydrogen Frontiers: The Future EU Landscape"
15 · 05 · 24

“Hydrogen Frontiers” is a unique contest designed to showcase the innovative research activities and advancements in the field of hydrogen carried out by Hydrogen Europe Research members. This contest invites members from Europe to submit their testimonials along with high-quality photographs capturing their work in hydrogen-related research.

The contest’s primary objective is to promote awareness and appreciation for the diverse applications and potential of hydrogen as a clean and sustainable energy source. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences, insights, and discoveries through compelling testimonials complemented by visually captivating photographs.

The target audience of these narratives is curious people with basic scientific and technical knowledge, interested in learning more about hydrogen and the research experience. The proposed stories should be thrilling, engaging attention and emotions and evoking passion in the reader.

Contest Categories

Sustainability: stories in this category should focus on environmentally sustainable practices in hydrogen production, storage, distribution, or end-uses. Testimonials may highlight innovations that reduce carbon emissions or mitigate environmental impacts throughout the hydrogen value chain.

Value: this category celebrates stories that demonstrate significant value creation and economic viability within the hydrogen ecosystem. Testimonials may include cost-effective technologies, examples of collaboration with industry on a big scale, business models, or strategies that enhance the competitiveness of hydrogen as an energy carrier.

Future: participants in this category are encouraged to share visionary solutions that pave the way for the future of hydrogen technologies. Testimonials may include breakthrough innovations and strategies that anticipate and address emerging challenges and opportunities in the hydrogen sector.

Skills: this category invites participants to propose innovative programs or initiatives aimed at closing the skills gaps and preparing the next generation of hydrogen professionals. Submissions may include a wide range of topics, including vocational training programs, educational partnerships, professional development initiatives, certification programs, and workforce diversity and inclusion efforts.

At least four testimonials will be chosen and printed in a publication which will be distributed during the Hydrogen Week in Brussels (November 18-22, 2024) and other important hydrogen-related events.

Submission Guidelines

Participants must submit a testimonial describing their research activities, innovations, and achievements in the field of hydrogen to before 17 June 2024. Please specify in your email in which category you would like to participate!

Each submission must include a detailed activity description, including objectives, methodologies, outcomes, and impact.

Testimonials should be presented in clear and concise language accessible to a broad audience including experts and non-experts in the field. Written submissions should be in Microsoft Word format to allow eventual modification.

Each submission must be accompanied by at least two high-quality photographs (minimum resolution: 300 dpi) illustrating the research activity and/or the related infrastructure.

Additional photographs, diagrams, and infographics that show the value of the activity are welcome.

Testimonials will be evaluated based on criteria specific to each category, including innovation, creativity, technical excellence, and presentation quality.

All participants in the contest will be informed in due course of the evaluation process. We will ask the contest’s winners to give us their consent in writing to publish their testimonials.

We believe that each story has the power to shape the future of hydrogen. This is why non-selected testimonials and pictures may be chosen to be showcased in other promotional materials and future exhibitions or publications.