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HER Young Scientist Award Competition 2022

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HER Young Scientist Award Competition 2022
28 · 06 · 22

The Young Scientist Award is an annual competition organised by Hydrogen Europe Research and conducted during the Hydrogen Week (24-28 October 2022). The competition aims at rewarding young researchers (under 35 years old of age) belonging to our member organisations, who have personally contributed to a hydrogen-related project.

This year, the competition will revolve around four pillars, reflecting the structure of the new Clean Hydrogen Partnership. One young scientist will be awarded in each pillar, and one will be elected “Best Scientific Researcher of the Year”.

The research undertaken may cover fundamentals, applications and analysis within these different categories:

  • Hydrogen production
  • Hydrogen storage and distribution
  • Hydrogen usages
  • Cross-Cutting activities (such as safety, Regulations Codes and Standards or education)

Eligibility criteria

Applicants must be conducting their research at a member organisation of Hydrogen Europe Research. They should be young researchers not older than 35 years when submitting the application. Applicants must demonstrate their personal contribution to at least one project related to hydrogen and fuel cells.

Participation in FCH JUs projects is a plus. This must be measurable e.g. by presentations in order of decreasing priority at the FCH JUs Programme Review Days, international conferences, or national conferences on FCH JU project related topics.

Statement of Research

A Statement of Research has to be submitted by the young scientist applying and must represent the applicant’s own thinking. It has to be written using non-specialised terms, which are clear and unambiguous, to allow everyone not intimately familiar with the specific field of research -but with a hydrogen and fuel cell background- can understand the research. The Statement of Research should not be longer than three pages (including figures). The minimum font size allowed is 12 points, and margins should be at least 25 mm (top, bottom, left, right). The Statement should also include a brief abstract of the research, method of approach, and explanation of potential significance of the results. A maximum of three relevant documents (papers, reports, deliverables and patents) can be attached.

A complete application package

A complete application package should include the following documents:

✓  The application form (see below);

✓  A Statement of Research;

✓  Two letters of recommendations.

The prize value

The four winners will receive €1000 Eur each and a recognition certificate.

The Best Scientific Researcher of the Year will receive €1000 Eur and a recognition certificate.

Submission deadline

A complete application package must be submitted no later than 30 September 2022 to the following email address:

Ceremony award

The award ceremony will take place in person in Brussels, at Brussels Expo, during the Hydrogen Week 2022.