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Springschool Hydrogen Technology 2023

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27·03·23 31·03·23

Following the success of the Spring School Hydrogen Technology 2022 at the end of March 2022, with more than 75 virtual participants from all over Europe, Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon, DLR Institute of Maritime Energy Systems, DLR Institute of Networked Energy Systems and FH Westküste University of Applied Sciences (FHW) are happy to announce that the preregistration for the SSH2T2023 is now open!

Next year, the Spring School is planned as an event in presence in the town of Lauenburg, roughly 40 km southeast of Hamburg on the shores of the Elbe River.

This springschool is intended as a scientific exchange about hydrogen-related technologies and their applications – from generation of hydrogen and its derivatives over storage and distribution to end use and start-ups in the field. It will give insights from the point of view of research as well as hydrogen related industries.

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