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Hydrogen Days 2023

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29·03·23 31·03·23

The Hydrogen Days conference is an excellent frame for updates on hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and represents the best setting to show the latest advances in research, projects, and products in the Czech Republic, Visegrad regions, and Central Europe.

Every year, world-renowned experts, including government officials, entrepreneurs & students meet in Prague to discuss the latest progress in research, industry and the public policy scene, and promote further development and the implementation of hydrogen technologies in our daily lives.

The Conference’s topics this year will include:

1. Development and deployment in the energy sector

  • hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, energy storage, infrastructure, co-generation systems, sector coupling, etc
  • fuel cells, reversible fuel cells, etc.
  • business cases, market implementation, etc.

2. Development and deployment in transportation

  • fuel cells as an energy source for mobile applications, power trains based on hydrogen combustion, combined systems, etc.
  • forklifts, personal cars, trucks, buses, ships, trains, etc.
  • hydrogen infrastructure, etc.

3. Cross cutting and overarching issues

  • education & information, legislation & safety, reliability, grid integration, etc.
  • market introduction, business cases, hydrogen valleys etc.
  • cooperation possibilities, national strategies etc.
  • decarbonization potential
  • green hydrogen policy

Hydrogen Europe Research is a bronze sponsor of the event.